Our Goal: Provide you with cleanliness and creative freedom

Our parent company, Josh America International, has the working experience in the American and Brazilian markets within two commercial areas. The first being more than 20 years of professional experience in product trade and an 18 years of experience in construction. Providing customers with unmatched service and a product you'll want to buy again.

Our mission with Magic Mats is to work in the commercialization and distribution of quality products with certification and to provide services with qualified professionals for the total satisfaction of our clients, making a greater integration between clients and Company in the supply of materials and services. It feels good to show off your brands image as the first thing someone sees when they walk in your building. 

Working as a family, Magic Mats seeks to promote a synergy between people, creativity, working with products that respect the environment, promoting social actions and encouraging voluntary community actions as well.

With a total focus on qualified customer service, Magic Mats is an easy-to-reach company, with an effective communication and commitment to always be adding values to our customers, our philosophy is always to be looking for the best solution for our customers.