Pink Magic Cat Mat

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Trap food, dirt, and litter in its place with the Magic Pet Mats! Our cute swirly vinyl fibers capture food from cat bowls, dirt from outside, and even litter from your cat's paws or spillage from the box keeping it from tracking around your home. Our simple to clean mats stays in place even with multiple cats and has a liquid-proof finish to help with water and urine odors and messes. The mats can be cleaned by vacuum, a quick shaking, or the preferred water spray down. 

Main Benefits

  • Simply your cleaning process by catching spills
  • Captures dirt, food, and litter from your cat’s paws and claws, reducing tracking from throughout the house.
  • Liquid-proof backing, preventing smells and messes
  • Tough and resistant to claws and teeth


  • Small 20" x 20"
  • Medium 24" x 24"
  • Large 28" x 28"